Interactivity and audience engagement


Youslide is a multi-screen application from the Klipso platform. It allows to create quality relationships between the speaker and the audience and thus ensure the success of your event.

Youslide is a Leni’s brand

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Nothing to download,
nothing to upload


Works in real time
and asynchronously


Youslide is available on smartphones, tablets, PCs, TVs and large screens regardless of the operating system

Allows audiences to interact during face-to-face, hybrid and virtual events.​

Live questions and answers projection in real time on screen, votes, quizzes, gamification…

Engagement of audiences throughout the events without any installation​.


Live chat and moderation

Allow your attendees to have a rich interactive experience by creating live group chats and interacting with speakers. Keep control of all group chat conversations by moderating messages.

Live polls

Engage and encourage your participants to stay attentive during sessions by launching polls during live sessions.


General assembly vote

Voting is an essential feature in General Assembly. The participant is surveyed through a question and several proposals .


Management tools

Take the pulse of your audience by assessing their knowledge, and their desires.


Other tools

Word cloud, contribution wall, brainstorm, vote, note taking, downloading and Twitter wall… Discover all our interactive modules, which can be integrated into presentations.

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